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Watch this Culture Magazine video about how Stan used our Ohana Yellow Sunshine capsules and cured his brain tumor. Still thriving and going strong today!

 Love Your Lady Parts Skin Balm


How could I resist that amazing feminist marketing? This product is designed and marketed for use on skin, the vulva, and inside the vagina. What It Was Like To Use:

The maker told me that to alleviate cramps, I should put a heaping spoonful into my vagina and let it melt into my pussy walls. This worked really well, relaxing my vagina in around 15 minutes and not causing any numbness. However, it was pretty messy (a spoonful of anything in there is going to create some mess); I actually used it with a pair of THINX so I didn’t have to remain horizontal forever. But the relief was excellent and it didn’t make me feel loopy.

Marley Russell at Bustle.com

Love your Lady Parts Skin Balm


"Occasionally I get a lil tender after sex - for any number of reasons - and short of sitting with a pack of peas on your crotch, Love your Lady Parts Balm is my go-to healer. It's soothing, smooth, natural and smells pleasant without being perfumy (which I want to avoid for that area). The tin lasts quite a long time so the price is well worth the investment. I've used it after sex, after exams, while fighting infections and any time I want a tender touch on my tender bits without harsh chemicals. I know what's in the balm, and that's as important as what goes into me."

                       - Ariel (30's)

Energy Balance Capsules - Extra Strong


"I have been taking Ohana capsules for about 4 years now for terrible difficulties with my gut; I took these capsules prior to surgery, then had 3 major belly surgeries including an illeostomy for a year. The capsules are wonderfully consistent. They help me with sleep and pain at night. Other meds I take cause nausea and these capsules help with appetite as well. Surprisingly, the Sativa hybrid works best for me. I have no wish for a trip, which I did have at first, but now I feel only the beneficial effects."


                - Female, Age 72


LIFT Capsules


"I am a 67 yo male with a chronic illness and a healthcare practice. My work is entirely intellectual and my clients frequently have (a spectrum of) health problems so I could not use a product that was 'stony' or interfered with my mental ability to deal with the many complicated aspects of my clients' health issues. The LIFT product reduces severity of my episodes of pain and, most importantly, reduces my anxiety related to pain. I am able to interact with my clients with less distraction from my health problems and noticed a clear improvement in my energy and attitude at the end of the day. I regard LIFT  as an essential part of my daily health support program."


                      Male, age 67

Energy Balance Capsules - Regular Strength 


"This helps when I'm feeling extra sluggish or anti-social. It seems to break through the fog and give me natural energy, and stamina to socialize in a positive manner. "


             - Female, Age 30

Blue Slumber Capsules 


"2 years ago, I broke out in a skin rash. Painkillers were prescribed but I started taking Ohana capsules instead. They were very effective in controlling the pain. They are clean and pure and the medicine's high quality is consistent. No surprises."


                 - Male, Age 60's

Blue Slumber Capsules


"My deep depression has let up and I can move more freely. I think better, clearer and sleep is easier, too. Deep, relaxing, refreshing sleep. I started taking the Ohana capsules less than a year ago."


          - Female, Age 70

Blue Slumber Capsules


"My sleep has always been bad. I've had hyperinsomnia since 1985. From 1985 to 1994 I slept 2 hours per night. With the aid of various drugs my situation improved but remained catastrophically bad. From 1999 to 2004 I returned to sleeping 2 hrs a night. I was unemployable, falling asleep  in the middle of conversations and behind the wheel every time I drove. My ability to concentrate or understand people was close to nil.

I worked with the Stanford Sleep Clinic for years, looking for solutions...however my situation remained dismal. I found that Doxepin HCL helped me sleep, but had a long half-life (so that) if I took an effective dosage (for sleep), I remained seriously groggy until noon the following day.

I tried cannabis as a last resort, as I'd read that it helped many people with insomnia. the problem I had with cannabis was ...it had a half-life that was too short. It exacerbated my sleep apnea. Thanks to the quality control of the Ohana capsules, I was able to find a solution. I combine a tiny dose of the Doxepin (3mg), ineffective for me by itself, with a tiny dose of cannabis capsule, 1/8 to 1/4 of one Blue Slumber 650mg capsule, also ineffective for me by itself.

Together they give me a solid night's sleep, without taking enough of either to create problems. I've been depending on this combination for over three years with uniform and satisfactory results.  I can depend on a good nights sleep for the first time since 1985, without any concern of exacerbating my sleep apnea. This suggests that Ohana capsules, like the Doxepin, are of consistent quality and content. At the tiny dosage my regimen requires, I have never built up a tolerance to the product in more than 3 years I've been using it. It has changed my life."


                             - Male, Age 65

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