Ohana Patient Questionnaire

Thank you for your assistance in sharing your experiences with Ohana Coconut Oil capsules. Our mission is to continue to create products that are helpful in alleviating disruptive health conditions, for people of all ages. Please include however much information you are comfortable sharing. Feel free to elaborate on questions and tell me something I have not specifically asked for. Extra input is welcome and appreciated. 

Please COPY and PASTE these questions into an email, fill in your responses and send to us at:  ohana.natural.healing@gmail.com.

Within the format of this questionnaire, I am most concerned with the following:

How has taking Ohana Capsules made a difference both to your health issue and life in general?




Your initials:

Gender [M, F, T]:


Activity Level [Very Active= 10 Sedentary= 0]


Which Ohana Capsules are you taking? (Blue Slumber XL, Blue Slumber, Energy Balance XL, Energy Balance, Sunshine Yellow or Lift)

How many per day/week?

How long have you been taking the capsules?

What other medication, if any, are you or were you using before taking Ohana Capsules?

Are you still taking any of these other medications? If so which ones?

What made you decide to try cannabis medicine?

What condition(s) are you treating with Ohana Capsules?

Describe your particular experience with this condition and how the Ohana Capsules assist you.

How is Ohana different than your other/previous medications?

Any other differences, health-related or not, you noticed:

Additional comments:

May Ohana share your helpful comments with others in a printed or on-line medium?

YES          -         Yes, but without including my initials           -            NO


If you have any questions, please call Fauzia at 415-816-6464, and LEAVE a MESSAGE. You can also email me at ohana.natural.healing@gmail.com

Thank you!