At Ohana Naturals, we aim to provide dependable consistent relief for many types of chronic ailments. Ingesting cannabis allows the body to process it in a different manner than smoking it, forgoing the damage done by free radicals, a side-effect of taking burnt vegetable matter into the lungs. 

Scroll down for our Pleasure enhancing Skin Balm for both Men and Women. 


Our Capsules are discreet, clean and easy to transport. They provide consistent dosing with no guesswork. Ohana capsules are appropriate for daytime use; the effects lasting 5-8 hours with a smooth transitioning on and off. Depending on the individual capsule strength, they can be mood-elevating without any psychoactive effect. 

Blue Slumber



Total Cannabinoids:  2%  

 Ratio CBD:THC   2.5:1

High CBD-Indica Blend

Available in 650mg and

1380mg capsules.


Lift Capsules


Total Cannabinoids:  0.7% 

Ratio CBD:THC - 1:3

CBD-Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Available in 550mg



Yellow Sunshine



Total Cannabinoids:  1.25%

Ratio CBD:THC 3:1


Available in 650mg


Energy Balance 



Total Cannabinoids:  1.2%   

Ratio CBD:THC - 1:13

Sativa Hybrid Blend

Available in 880mg and 

1380mg capsules. 


Because of the manner in which they are prepared, our capsules differ from others because of the Ohana Background Effect. A lot of ingested medicine can be somewhat overwhelming for a demanding daily life. The effect of Ohana capsules tends to occur more in the background of one's experience so they do not interfere with being productive, creative or effective.


When taking the larger Ohana capsules, patients have often noticed a Triple Peak Effect. When the medicine has made it through the digestive system and is entering the blood stream, a peak, or boost of effect, is felt. After about an hour, and another hour after that, additional peaks are often noticed. Most patients appreciate these additional 'boosts', which are not alarming and only last for several minutes, at their longest. 


Our patients' experiences provide much of the information presented here along with scientific research as it emerges and continues to expand. The more we learn, the more we begin to understand and appreciate cannabis as the superior medicine it is for our time.


If you are currently under treatment for any disease, are taking any medication, are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your healthcare professional before using these capsules. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The full usefulness of these products is still being assessed and has not been confirmed by clinical research. The information presented here is only meant to augment what your health care professional shares with you. It is not meant to serve as an alternative or substitution for the health care information you already receive.



Product Information:

Patients report using Ohana coconut oil capsules for pain, stress and anxiety management, seizures, depression, mood and behavior disorders, neurological and sleep issues, gastrointestinal afflictions and cancer. 



Prepared with medicated ginger-infused coconut oil, beeswax and Shea butter.                                                                              

For topical use on a woman's sensitive vulva skin to revive, moisturize and lubricate. Coconut oil has a low pH, great for maintaining vaginal health. Calming for vaginal dryness and itching. Premium personal lubricant.

Can be used anywhere on any body, male or female. Great for bumps, bruises, sprains and aches of all sorts, due to its analgesic (pain relieving), anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties. Wonderful as a massage aid for the same reasons.  Sweet smelling and edible, though not tasty. Non psychoactive.                                                                         

For deeper relaxation, increased sexual arousal and a heightened, more intense response, let a generous amount of Love Your Lady Parts Skin Balm absorb into the vulval area for 20-40 minutes prior to intimacy.


Please Note  *** Latex condoms are not compatible with Love Your Lady Parts Skin Balm. Please use a non-latex condom.                                                                                                                                              


Women at every stage of life can enjoy the benefits of Love Your Lady Parts Skin Balm.                                                          

Women exploring their sexuality - Love Your Lady Parts’ luxurious texture combined with its relaxing and intensifying qualities make it a superior choice for sharing with a partner or self-pleasuring.                                                                 


Pregnant women - Massage into belly and breasts during pregnancy. During birth, massage onto perineum onto relax muscles and soothe skin, allowing it to stretch with minimized tearing. Coconut oil is a natural microbial.                                         


New mothers - After birth, use to restore and moisturize entire vulva area. During early breastfeeding days, it is especially soothing for breasts and tender nipples.                                                                                                                                                           

Alleviates vaginal dryness as a result of aging and hormonal shifts in peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women. 


If you would like to contact us or share your experience with LYLP Skin Balm, contact us at



Love Your Lady Parts

Skin Balm


Lift Capsules - 550mg Clear and White capsules


Total Cannabinoids:  0.7%   3.67mg per 550mg

Ratio CBD:THC   1:3

CBD: 0.79mg     THC: 2.7mg   

CBD-Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Available in packages of: 4 and 31 capsules

Used for: Anxiety (pain related and other), Depression, Stress, minor pain relief,

mild Mood Elevation and Social Energy boost.


The mildest of the Indica formulations, LIFT is very helpful with minor pain and pain related anxiety with no psychoactive effect. Most patients notice improvement in their energy levels and an increase in positive attitude.  LIFT does not impair motor or brain function when dosed correctly.



"I am a 67 yo male with a chronic illness and a healthcare practice. My work is entirely intellectual and my clients frequently have a spectrum of health problems so I could not use a product that was 'stony' or interfered with my mental ability to deal with the many complicated aspects of my clients' health issues. The LIFT product reduces severity of my episodes of pain and, most importantly, reduces my anxiety related to pain. I am able to interact with my clients with less distraction from my health problems and noticed a clear improvement in my energy and attitude at the end of the day. I regard LIFT  as an essential part of my daily health support program."


Yellow Sunshine Capsules - 650mg Yellow capsules


Total Cannabinoids:  1.25%   8.13mg per 650mg

Ratio CBD:THC    3:1

CBD: 5.59mg    THC: 1.95mg   


Available in packages of: 4 and 31 capsules

Used for sleep issues, mild pain relief, helpful in reducing tumor size and maintaining clear scans for cancers of various sorts  in  both humans, and our cat and dog companions.  Appetite Stimulant, relief of minor pain, and relief from arthritis.  Used to prep the cannabinoid receptors, Yellow Sunshine capsules have been helpful for various

forms of cancer such as Brain Tumors and skin cancers.  





Blue Slumber Capsules - 650mg Blue capsules


Total Cannabinoids:  2%   13.37mg per 650mg 

Ratio CBD:THC   2.5:1

CBD: 8.55mg  THC: 3.43mg   


**Great for sleep with no morning grogginess


Available in packages of: 4 and 22 capsules

Blue Slumber Extra Strong 1380mg Blue & White capsules


***These larger capsules can produce psychoactive effects.

Total Cannabinoids:  2%   28.38mg per 1380mg

Ratio CBD:THC   2.5:1

CBD: 18.14mg    THC: 7.29mg   


Available in packages of: 3 and 13 capsules

Used for sleep issues, pain management, alleviation of nausea, anxiety, depression, neuropathy

and muscle spasticity. Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients appreciate how easy they are to

digest. Often used for Multiple Sclerosis. Provides a relaxed, but still productive state of mind.


More Testimonials


Energy Balance - 880mg Red capsules

**Some patients report psychoactive effects from these capsules and

prefer to cut them (when hard-frozen using a serrated knife) into 2 or 3

smaller doses per capsule.

Total Cannabinoids:  1.2%   10.49mg per 880mg capsule

Ratio CBD:THC   1:13

CBD: 0.66mg    THC: 8.48mg   

Sativa Hybrid

Available in packages of: 4 and 22 capsules


Energy Balance 

Female, age 30:

"This helps when I'm feeling extra sluggish or anti-social. It seems to break through the fog and give me natural energy, and stamina to socialize in a positive manner. "

Used for chronic pain management. Patients report that these capsules are pleasantly stimulating,

providing increased energy and sociability. Cancer patients taking chemotherapy find that one

Extra Strong capsule taken before the appointment makes the chemo session easier to tolerate

and they feel hungry and want to eat afterwards.




Energy Balance Extra Strong

"I am a 72 yo woman who has been taking Ohana capsules for about 4 years now for terrible difficulties with my gut; I took these capsules prior to surgery, then had 3 major belly surgeries including an illeostomy for a year. The capsules are wonderfully consistent. They help me with sleep and pain at night. Other meds I take cause nausea and these capsules help with appetite as well. Surprisingly, the Sativa hybrid works best for me. I have no wish for a trip, which I did have at first, but now I feel only the beneficial effects."




Energy Balance Extra Strong 1380mg Red & White capsules


***These larger capsules can produce psychoactive effects.

Total Cannabinoids:  1.2%   16.44mg per 1380mg. 

Ratio CBD:THC   1:13

CBD: 1.03mg     THC: 13.31mg   

Sativa Hybrid

Available in packages of: 3 and 13 capsules